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Eddy Messenger Service offers Warehousing Services as a practical solution for companies with limited storage space or who want to outsource a portion of their inventory management off-site.

What Customers Want in Warehousing Services
Companies that use our Warehousing Services want to use their offices more efficiently and save the expense of additional storage rental. In addition, they want to avoid the frustration and wasted time trying to locate items that have been placed in storage. With our Warehousing Services, companies only need to call us to retrieve and deliver the inventory they need.

Our Warehousing Services Include:

  • General Warehousing
    We can store a wide range of inventory—annual reports, marketing materials, record boxes and data tapes—at our facilities and then ship them out when you need them. All items are tracked by our warehouse personnel for easy retrieval.
  • Critical Parts Banking
    Similar to General Warehousing, Critical Parts Banking requires more proactive warehousing management as items are restocked and delivered on a more frequent basis. We can store a wide range of emergency spare parts at our facilities and ship them out as needed, 24/7. We serve as a Strategic Stocking Location for several national companies.
  • Fulfillment
    Also known as “pick and pack,” our Fulfillment Services are ideal for companies that require off-site receiving, handling, assembling and shipping for a wide range of products.