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Delivery Fleet Outsourcing
Eddy Messenger Service began offering delivery fleet outsourcing capabilities at the request of our customers. These were companies that no longer wanted to perform certain delivery functions in-house, preferring to reassign the internal resources handling these tasks to other functions.

What Customers Want in Delivery Fleet Outsourcing Services
Companies that use our delivery fleet outsourcing services want to reduce the time and expense of recruiting, training and paying personnel to do the delivery tasks that can be handled by Eddy Messenger Service’s employees or drivers.

Our delivery fleet outsourcing services can benefit companies of all sizes—whether their “fleet” consists of one part-time person or multiple vehicles:

  • Companies avoid the cost and responsibility for delivery personnel recruiting, training, salaries, and benefits.
  • Companies also save the expense of having to purchase delivery vehicles and insurance.
  • Staff productivity increases as employees can resume their core responsibilities or take on other internal roles.

Companies can outsource either a portion or their entire delivery fleet function to Eddy Messenger Service on a regular or as-needed basis.