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Continuity Assurance

Why Choose Eddy Messenger Service

Continuity Assurance
Eddy Messenger Service features a unique and comprehensive continuity assurance program that is unequaled in the industry.

While most delivery companies are satisfied with an adequate disaster recovery plan, we have taken a more proactivedisaster prevention” approach. We maintain our data and systems off-site in a secure Data Center, with guaranteed uninterruptible service 24/7. As a result, our chance of data loss or service disruption is reduced significantly.

In addition, our continuity assurance program provides our customers with key benefits that are important to their business, specifically:

  • Data Security
    It is crucial that we protect the integrity and security of the confidential data about our customers that resides on our systems. In addition, as many companies re-bill our services to their customers or allocate charges to internal departments, any loss of data before the services are invoiced would be detrimental.

The Data Center has multiple levels of protection including an armored server, firewalls, multi-level password access, secure VPN connections, and biometric and proximity card magnetic entrances to prevent unauthorized access. All data about our customers—and the clients of our customers—is safeguarded and accessible only to authorized personnel.

  • Uninterrupted Service
    As our customers rely on us to perform a critical part of their operations, our ability to function during any circumstance is of paramount importance.

The Data Center ensures uninterrupted power by using a series of redundant UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems, diesel generators, climate-control and fire-suppression systems, video surveillance and diversely-routed fiber-optic SONET (synchronous optical network) links to four internet carriers. 

Every one of our offices is equipped with its own uninterruptible power supply. In addition, each computer and phone system is protected by its own battery back-up and our offices are equipped with emergency generators, as well. As a result, we can provide uninterrupted service from all our locations during blackouts, bad weather or other disasters.

Our continuity assurance program provides an enhanced level of service, data security—and peace of mind—to our customers.