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Client Service Center

Client Service Center


Q. How do I set up an account with Eddy Messenger Service?
You can easily open an account with us over the phone. You can also go to the Client Service Center of our website to print a New Customer Information Sheet and fax it back to the number listed.
Q. Do I need an account to ship an order with Eddy Messenger Service?
No. Simply call us and we will be happy to take your order.
Q. Do you accept credit cards for payment?
Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
Q. What phone number should I call to set up my account?
We would recommend that you call the Eddy Messenger Service office closest to your location. These numbers are listed in our Contact Us page. If you are not sure which office to call, simply call 1-866-NOW-EDDY.
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Q. How do I place an order with Eddy Messenger Service?
We always recommend that our customers place an order over the phone directly with one of our employees: as it helps us to better understand the urgency and details of each job. Customers can also place their order through our on-line order entry system.
Q. How do I place an order over the Internet?
Simply call us and we will provide you with a User Name and Password. Then go to and login with your account number and password to complete the on-line order entry form.
Q. What if I have any questions about the on-line order entry process?
Just call us for assistance. For your convenience, we have also included a comprehensive on-line tutorial in our Client Service Center.
Q. Can I call in my orders but track my shipments on-line?
Yes. Just login to our Client Service Center and enter the Control Number of your delivery. You will be given this number when you place your order.
Q. Can you provide automatic proof of deliveries on my shipments via e-mail?
Yes. Our system allows for an e-mail to be sent to you and/or anyone else you choose which will confirm when your order has been placed, picked up, delivered, or any combination you desire. The delivery confirmation will also provide the name of the individual who signed for the shipment.
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Q. What are your hours of operation?
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever you call, you will speak live with an Eddy Messenger Service employee.
Q. What type of vehicles do you use?
We have a large fleet of hatchbacks, wagons, vans and straight trucks throughout the tri-state area that are capable of handling anything from a single envelope to a truckload of freight.
Q. What is your primary service area?
Our primary service area includes the entire tri-state area as well as points throughout the Northeast.
Q. Can you handle longer distance shipments?
Yes. We can essentially deliver anywhere in the country. We have delivered to points in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and all states in between, as well as to points in Canada.
Q. Can you handle scheduled pickups outside your primary service area?
Yes. We have many customers with regular pickups outside our primary service area. For  example, we provide regularly scheduled pickup service to points to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Q. How do you communicate with your drivers?
All of our drivers are equipped with two-way communication equipment including Nextel units, cell phones and PDAs. This technology enables us to stay in constant contact with our drivers so we can inform our customers of their shipment’s status in real-time.
Q. Are my shipments insured?
Yes. All shipments are automatically insured up to $100.00. Additional insurance is available upon request.
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Q. We bill back or allocate all of our delivery charges to internal departments within our company or to our clients. Can this information be included on the invoice?
Yes. We can set up your account so that each delivery will be required to include whatever specific information you need, such as charge code, department name, case number, etc.
Q. Can your invoices be sorted using this information?
Yes. Our invoices can be sorted and sub-totaled by any criteria you choose and will be customized to meet your specific requirements.
Q. If I set up an account, can our charges automatically be billed to our company credit card?
Yes. We have many clients whose accounts are billed automatically to their company credit card.
Q. What is your billing cycle?
We generally bill on a weekly basis. In some situations, we can bill on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. We can also invoice per job, if requested.
Q. Can you provide us with custom reports?
Yes. We can create an almost unlimited number of custom reports, based upon your specific requirements.
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Q. Is Eddy Messenger Service insured?
Yes. Our company is proud to have one of the most comprehensive lines of coverage in the industry.
Q. What types of companies and industries do you service?
Our customer base represents a broad and diverse range of companies including Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size companies and small growing businesses. Some of the industries we service include banking and financial institutions, legal and accounting firms, retailers, medical and diagnostic laboratories, technology providers, commercial printing and graphics companies and other professional firms.
Q. How do you determine your rates?
We customize all of our delivery and logistic services to meet the specific requirements of each customer. As a result, the rate varies based on a number of factors including mileage, time, type of vehicle, type of service requested and other specific factors. Once we know your requirements, we can work with you to quickly develop a custom rate structure that meets your needs.
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